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A two men's formation, playing the great Irish Folk.

The Irish music stimulates a great party. With our powerfull setlist of traditional sing-alongs, songs of history and heavy drinking songs, Fin M’Coul stimulates a great party to even a better party.

Upcoming Gigs

jun 03 sun Mommoriete Gramsbergen
jul 07 sat 't Ponton Kampen
jul 20 fri John Beens Zwartsluis
jul 21 sat Open Luchttheater Nijverdal
aug 14 tue Private Party Molen Hasselt
sep 15 sat Private Party Zwolle
sep 16 sun Private Party Raalte
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About Us

We are a two-men-band from Zwolle, the Netherlands. We play Irish folk music that fits perfectly in bars and cafés and that enhances a great party.

Your feet will be on flames thanks to our catchy tunes. Imagine everyone dancing, both young and old. But what if they can’t dance? Then they can clear their throats to sing along some of the famous and catchy tunes we play for you.

Benyan Admiraal
Benyan Admiraal Singer, Tin Whistle, Harmonica, Guitar
Jeroen Drost
Jeroen Drost Singer, Bodhran, Guitar

The wide range of music that Fin M’Coul plays makes everything possible. We perform songs from different great Irish artists, like the Dubliners, the Pogues, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, and share their passion and dedication to Ireland and her music.

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If you are curious about what Fin M’Coul is all about, or you share our passion for Ireland and her music, please contact us!

Cheers and Toasts that our roads may cross. So let us toast to you and yours, and to me and ours. And if me and ours ever come across to you and yours, I hope you and yours will do as much for me and ours, As me and ours have done for you and yours. Cheers and Toasts, that our roads may cross.